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Our Vision

Hartington firmly believes in the health benefits that can be derived from the application of medical progress, both technical and galenic, to those substances that nature uses as tools for its very own healing. We hope to obtain, within 10 years, a sufficient array of medicinal products in all of the aforementioned areas in which we are involved, disseminating information concerning therapeutic areas and creating a new bank of information in pathologies and treatments. In this way we will achieve renown and prestige as the research company regarded as the point of international reference in rhinosinusitis.

In the future, we hope to be recognized by the population as world leader in products and medicines in our areas of expertise, becoming a reference in phytopharmaceuticals, supported by scientific and technological rigor and without the complications generated by products from chemical synthesis.

As leading authority on pathologies in the areas of: oncology, dermatology and rheumatology using our knowledge and support to treat these areas with safe and effective solutions facilitated by highly advanced technology.

To change the paradigm of medication, bringing to the fore a new vision of pharmaceutical products with a natural origin as the user’s first choice in curing our generation diseases.