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Sinus course 2013

Hartington Group is very proud to have participated and sponsored, the XI "Endoscopy Sinus Surgery Course", which took place on 11th-13th of April 2013 in Barcelona. The event was attended by some of the best sinus experts in the world.

The main objectives of the course were to review the endoscopy anatomy of the nose and sinuses, as well as improving endoscopy surgical skills. The programme was divided into theoretical and practical sessions.

Recognized names, such as Dr.Mullol, Dr.Bernal, Dr. Alobid, Dr. Fokkens, Bachert, Dr. Massegur, Dr. Montserrat, Dr. Pasquini, Dr. Kamel and Dr. Eloy, among other distinguished professionals, joined more than 60 specialists in the Ear Nose and Throat field. 20 speakers contributed to making this noteworthy, international sinus course possible.